School At Home

We began our homeschooling journey three years ago when our eldest, Coby, graduated from preschool. I did not imagine myself teaching our son because I knew how impatient I was in teaching him. But because of God's prompting, my husband and I braved this new road for our family. Being our child's primary teacher at home is not an easy task. It brought out a different side of me that I never knew was in me. Unfortunately, it was not the good side. However, after struggling for first few years, I was molded and transformed in the process. There were times when the not-so-good side would emerge but then I would be reminded why this is coming out again. Then I would realize that it was because I was relying solely on my own strength, my own creativity. I forgot that it was God's plan that I teach my son and so I should go to Him for the impossible strength I need daily.  God never calls best person or the equipped but He enables the person He calls. To God be all the Glory!

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