Food Notes

My mother is the best cook ever! Is that a bias statement? I don't think so. :-) All kids would claim that their moms are the best cooks in the world and I am one of those "kids".

When my mother decided to be a full time housewife, I would always find her in the kitchen. I think I was 10 years old that time. She learned how to cook at a very early age, I recall her narrating to me. Her mother was busy with other things that's why she would always ask my mother to cook for the family. Being the eldest among 3 siblings, my mother would obey her mother and would prepare simple meals at the age of 8 ( I think). And because of her exposure to the kitchen early on, she became a kitchen diva! I don't remember any meal she cooked that did not taste awesome. It was always yummy!

When I was in my teens, she would always call me to help out in the kitchen. I was lazy and hesitant then because I was focused on reading and other stuff. There were times she would scold me and say, "You cannot be a good mother unless you know how to cook!" I could never forget that. I never got involved in the kitchen that much until I got married. You can say that I was forced to cook! 

I could not remember the first meal I cooked but my husband loved it! Since then, I became interested in the cooking and preparing meals. In fact, I would love having friends over for dinner. They too would enjoy the meal I prepared for them. When I told my mother about my kitchen skills, she was happy and said that she never thought I would learn. Unknowingly, while I was watching her cook during those times when she was forcing me to cook. Good thing I remembered them all and I have cooked only from memory. 

Soon I would be looking for cookbooks and new recipes online. I would try them and present them to my family. I am not a professional chef. I am just a mom who loves to cook for my family and friends...praying someday I could have my own food business. 

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